At Hyalite CrossFit, we do not adhere to or promote any specific nutritional plan.  We are willing to offer suggestions and tips on an individual basis because we believe everyone has different goals and needs with their diet. Please feel free to contact either Brittney or Eric to discuss nutritional questions you may have.  In addition, most members of our amazing community have a great deal of knowledge and experience with different nutritional demands and restrictions. There is a wealth of information within the community that can address almost any question you can pose.

While we buy into the idea that everyone is different and there is no universal answer to most health questions, we will offer a few suggestions to improve your nutritional approach.  

First and foremost, we promote nutrition as a lifelong process of fueling your body's growth and maintenance.  We do not promote temporary diets or rapid weight-loss systems.  While these plans often have fast results, the long-term results and effects on the body are generally less than ideal.  Instead, we suggest making slow, subtle and permanent changes to your diet over time.  An example of this would be to cut back from getting fast food twice a week down to once a week for a month or two.  Once that becomes the norm, then cut back to once every two weeks and so on until you have eliminated your pattern toward fast food.  This type of subtle change creates long-term positive habits that will greatly improve your nutritional intake over your lifespan.  

Another general dietary suggestion we offer is to get rid of shame from your nutritional choices. We all crave things that are not ideal choices, and we all give in at times.  This does not have to be a guilt-ridden moment filled with regret.  Instead, embrace those cravings and set out plans or schedules for when you are allowed to "treat" yourself.  For example, if you have eaten wisely throughout the day, allowing yourself to have a reasonable dessert with dinner could be a satisfying reward for those of us with a sweet-tooth.

The last general nutritional guideline that we are willing to offer to everyone is to include vegetables in every meal.  Everyone with a strong opinion on nutrition has a different belief on carbohydrates, protein, and fat intake.  However, you would be hard-pressed to find someone that promotes limiting your vegetable consumption.  Find your own personal balance of carbohydrates (preferably complex - not simple), proteins (whether or not you consume meat), and fats (preferably healthy fats like coconut oil, avocado, and beans) that you prefer.  Just be sure to include vegetables in all your main meals - and as healthy snacks for in between when possible.

Ultimately, be proud of the choices that you make - in general, but especially in regards to nutrition for this piece of writing.

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