Press and Push Press Strength Cycles Start Today!

As I mentioned yesterday, these blogs will now be a daily routine.  Please check here daily to get useful information and some of my ridiculous ramblings.

We will be starting our new strength cycles this week!  Today, we are setting a 1 Rep Max for Press and Push Press.  This will be a great opportunity to build your shoulder strength while, more importantly, focusing on your core stability and body position.  Your coaches will go over these tips in detail in class today, but be sure to keep your body in a straight vertical line rather than arching and rounding in the back.  That's the abbreviated version.

I also mentioned yesterday that Brittney will be putting in a SFH order soon.  Contact her with questions or requests at or by leaving a voicemail at (406) 530-5438.

I am doing my best to keep these blogs succinct so that you people are willing to take the 60 seconds it takes to read them daily.  If you have other requests for topics to cover, please send them to me at or by leaving a voicemail at (406) 530-5438.

Love you bye!

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