Good Luck Spartans!

We are extremely proud of all of you Spartans this weekend in Bigfork!  That is an incredibly hard course, and we know you are going to crush it.  We have no classes this weekend due to the amount of people travelling 5 hours away to race.  Starting Monday, we are back to our full schedule and blasting out weakness. 

If you have not signed up, here is the link to do so:  You will be prompted through the process of signing the Waiver and Membership Agreement.  Lastly, you will put in your auto-pay information and pay for the first month (pro-rated of course).  It's quick and easy - can be under 5 minutes for fast typers.

As a paying member at Hyalite CrossFit, you have access to everything that Wodify has to offer - see earlier blog posts to read about these features.  You can also bring in guests for a free trial if you want to recruit your friend/family member/co-worker/etc.  We do not have a limit on the number of people you can bring in for a free trial.  We want people to try us out and feel this incredible community.  If it is for them, let's get them to believe that for themselves.  If not, at least you got them to try it once.  CrossFit isn't for everyone, and even within CrossFit, Hyalite CrossFit doesn't fit everyone's style.

As always, take care of yourselves and continue to produce the best version of yourself with each choice you make.  You are beautiful people and we're beyond blessed to call you our community.  Love you bye!

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