Last Day of Free Classes - Friday!

Friday is our last day of FREE classes as Hyalite CrossFit!  We are open for the 5:30 A.M. WOD, 9 A.M. Endurance, and 11:45 A.M. WOD.  Get yourself in for your last free trial before we start collecting dues to pay our bills.  Brittney and I would love to keep this free for you all the time, but the bill collectors are relentless and don't seem to care about poor business plans.  

Once you are signed up for your membership with Hyalite CrossFit, you will have access to all the incredible features on Wodify.  You can use the smartphone app or the website to do amazing things:  sign the waiver, sign the membership agreement, enter/change auto-pay information, sign in to classes, record scores, record nutrition, comment on and like others' scores and posts, see the next day's workouts (posted at 8 P.M. each night), see the final scores for the day through the Whiteboard section (for you competitive types), add a sweet profile picture to your account that shows up when you are in class, and many other features I'm forgetting right now.

We are beyond excited to have so many of you committed crazies joining us for this new adventure!  Brittney isn't much of the emotional type, but you may be able to finagle a hug or two out of her if you really butter her up.  Most likely, you're going to get a very sincere hand shake with awkward eye contact.  Me, on the other hand, I'll squeeze you breathless if you give me the chance.  Either way, we both want you to know that we love this new business and we love you all for making this so amazing!  Love you bye!

Wodify: Results in a box