Happy Thursday, Hyalite CrossFit!

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this first week such an overwhelmingly fun experience!  You are all beautiful people, and we are extremely excited to share this new adventure with you.  

If you have been in this week, you have already seen that everything we do is run through Wodify.  If not, get yourself to the gym so we can run you through this incredible software.  It manages everything for us at the gym:  posting workouts at 8 P.M. the night before, signing in to classes, signing waivers and membership agreements, recording and tracking our performance, managing auto-pays, operating merchandise sales, tracking nutrition, and many other exciting features.

The way Wodify works may seem a little different to those of you who have used different CrossFit-focused software in the past.  You get a username and password automatically assigned to you when you purchase a membership at Hyalite CrossFit.  From there, you can log in on www.wodify.com or on the Wodify app on your phone or tablet.  The opportunities at that point are endless!

Remember that all classes through 11:45 A.M. Friday this week are FREE!  Hyalite CrossFit will be closed Friday afternoon through Sunday to accommodate the abundance of people competing in the Spartan Beast and Sprint in Bigfork, MT this weekend.  We are back in full force Monday May 9, which also happens to be the day paying memberships begin.  Be sure to get signed up by following the links in the "Getting Started" section on this website.  

As always, you people are amazing!  Get your arses to the gym so we can yell at you and help you make yourself better.  Love you bye!

-Eric Huebner

Wodify: Results in a box