I'm sure some of you have noticed that many of the most popular CrossFit workouts have female names.  According to Greg Glassman, this is because only certain workouts and certain females have been able to leave him flat on his back and incapacitated while still coming back for more.  Essentially, the more torturous the workout, the more likely it is to have a name.

You have most likely heard of and completed workouts named "Fran," "Helen," "Grace," and many others.  Well, today you get to experience "Angie."  Lucky you!

During this workout, you will get to hit muscle failure four different times - four different muscle groups.  It's fantastic!  

This is a workout to really consider your scaling options to make sure you can complete the whole thing in under 30 minutes or so.  That is all the advice for today.  

Love you bye!

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