The Longest 10 Minutes of Your Life!

In theory, today's workout sounds fantastic.  You only have to work for 10 minutes!  I can promise you, though, that your attitude will drastically change very quickly once it starts.  

There will be no reprieve for your legs or your lungs during any part of this workout.  The Snatches will wear you out from head to toe immediately.  Then, the Lateral Jumps will keep your lungs burning and your legs melting.  The constant back and forth of these two movements will have you suffering for 10 minutes straight, and you're going to love it!

If you are uncomfortable with Snatches, please keep in mind that we can modify any workout to fit anyone.  We will, of course, work on form for the first part of class.  If your Snatch isn't feeling ready for today's workout still, we can come up with something horrible to torture you just the same.  Don't you worry!

Love you bye!

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