Bring Your Springs!

Today, we will be working on our plyometric speed and power.  We will be setting a max height Box Jump with an approach.  This means that you can step/run into your jump, so it should be the absolute highest platform that you can summit.

This is a unique challenge because it becomes more of a mental battle than anything.  Physically, you are required to recruit your entire body in one explosive, coordinated movement.  That, however, is easier than convincing your brain that the box in front of you isn't the Empire State Building.  You will hit a mental limit far before your physical limit, and it is a very different and entertaining experience.  

If setting a max height Box Jump isn't in the cards for you today, we can always do a max height Step-Up.  This is another entertainingly different type of movement.  It will basically come down to your mobility and balance.  

Either way you go, today will be fun to say the least.  We will all struggle together on this one.  Love you bye!

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