Just like the Memorial Day workout ("Murph") that I warned you about yesterday, today's Met-Con is a Hero WOD.  Hero WOD's are named after fallen United States soldiers who were known for their bravery and heroism.  Hero WOD's are typically the hardest workouts we experience within the walls of any CrossFit gym.  These workouts do not even remotely compare to what our amazing servicemen and women do for us daily, but they act as a good reminder that these individuals are out there fighting for us.

Today, we are completing "DT," which is named after SSgt. Timothy P. Davis of the United States Air Force.  He was killed by an IED in Afghanistan in 2009.  We at Hyalite CrossFit are profoundly grateful for SSgt. Davis's service.  Thank you.

All I am willing to tell you about the workout itself right now is that you can plan on your forearms turning into Popeye forearms before it is over.  I like to call this phenomenon "Meat Hooks" because your hands will feel like they are stuck in a hook position for a while.  You're going to love it!

Love you bye!

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