Spartan SGX Saturday!

Today is our first Saturday class at Hyalite CrossFit!  We were closed last weekend for everyone to run the Spartan Beast and Sprint in Bigfork.  Congratulations to all of you who competed and dominated that incredibly difficult course!

We have a 9 A.M. Spartan SGX class every Saturday in which you can experience a different format of training yourself for greatness.  We utilize a lot of movements and objects not commonly incorporated into CrossFit workouts.  Things like Tire Flips, Wall Overs, Wall Unders, Sandbag Rucks, Farmer's Carries, Rope Climbs, Log Carries, Sled Pushes/Pulls/Drags, Slosh Pipes, etc. will keep you suffering for a solid hour. 

You can also plan to see more Burpees than you would have asked for on a Saturday morning!  Who wants to get some of this beautiful torture?  See you soon!

Love you bye!

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