Tabata Torture!

We will be working on our Double Unders today as our skill practice.  I can give you pointers on how to improve your skills all I want (and I will very shortly), but it is up to you to apply those tips and dedicate yourself to learning this new skill.

In my opinion, the most important thing to focus on while working your Double Unders is to stay relaxed.  I see a lot of people tense up in the shoulders and lose the rhythm they easily maintained while doing Single Unders.  Keep your arms relaxed with your hands just outside and forward of your hips.  From there, you should be doing short downward flicks of your wrists to move the jump rope in a circular motion.  Circular motions with your arms will tire out your shoulders, lead to increased tension, and force you to work very inefficiently.  Relax the arms, bring them in close to your hips, and flick your hands down.

All of that sounds simple in theory, and it can be if you truly adhere to the technique.  If you hear me say this and go back to whatever you were doing before, your improvement will take more time and be more frustrating.  I'll leave that choice up to you.  

I also wanted to touch on the idea of Tabata intervals today.  A Tabata interval is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of all-out work followed by a 10 second break.  When I say all-out work, I mean that you are moving with the absolute highest level of intensity that you are comfortable reaching.  Each round will get exponentially harder, and by the end, you should feel like you have nothing left to give at that particular movement.  If you do this, you can see incredible results in your muscular power and development along with your cardiovascular endurance.

One thing I like to warn on Tabata days is that the level of intensity intended for Tabatas can easily become too much for many of us.  If you are new to high intensity, new to a particular movement, new to exercising a particular muscle group, returning from a serious injury, or many other situations in which your muscles may be damaged by high intensity; we strongly suggest that you talk to your coaches to help scale down your intensity for today.

I'm out of advice you people aren't reading for today.  Love you bye!

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