Front Squat Thursday!

Our new strength cycles start this week.  On Tuesday, we set our Press and Push Press maxes to utilize for the strength cycle over the next 8 weeks.  Today we are setting our Front Squat max for the new strength cycle on Thursdays.

Throughout the duration of these strength cycles, our week structure will be as follows:

Monday = Gymnastics (Bodyweight) Day

Tuesday = Press & Push Press Strength Cycle

Wednesday = Long WOD

Thursday = Front Squat Strength Cycle

Friday = Skill Practice (Olympic Lifts primarily)

Saturday = Spartan SGX

Sunday = Random WOD

All days will have some form of Met-Con, which is the timed/scored/sweaty/horrible component of the day you animals seem to crave.  The structure to each day listed above is primarily focused on the Skill/Lift we will be working on for the first half of class most days.

As we begin new strength cycles after this 8 weeks is over, we will shift the days around so that you will get varying movements and modal domains to your workouts all the time.  If you have questions about any of this, please feel free to go to the Contact Us section on this website or talk to us in class.  

Love you bye!

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