Why We Love CrossFit!

There are countless reasons to love this torture technique we call CrossFit.  It is a scientifically measurable and tested form of fitness that has incredible results.  It is universally scalable for individuals of all fitness levels and abilities.  It creates a new level of mental toughness and general physical preparedness that most of us are unable to achieve on our own.  CrossFit is an incredible method for creating health in our lives!

All the reasons above are incredible reasons to join CrossFit, but Brittney and I still adhere to the community aspect of CrossFit the most.  Above all else, CrossFit creates a community of people within the gym that love seeing each other every day.  We become friends and family to each other, and these bonds often extend far beyond the walls of the gym.  Expanding beyond that, the CrossFit community in Bozeman/Belgrade is strong and amazing.  We can all workout at CrossFit Bozeman, True Spirit CrossFit & Yoga, Coldsmoke CrossFit, Lone Peak CrossFit, or CrossFit Belgrade and feel at home because we are all CrossFit enthusiasts.  Rather than compete against each other in negativity, we can compete with each other while celebrating each others' achievements.  Our neighboring CrossFit gyms and members are not our enemies.  They are our friends, colleagues, teammates, fellow sufferers, and like-minded individuals that seek the ultimate health for themselves.

Expanding outside of the valley, we are welcome guests at any CrossFit gym around the world because we choose the same form of torture.  It is amazing how this one form of health promotion can unite so many people across the world.  Brittney and I very firmly believe in and love the community aspect of this culture.  CrossFit gets picked on a lot – “CrossFit is a cult!” … “CrossFit always leads to injuries!” … “CrossFit makes you mediocre at everything and good at nothing!” … and the list goes on.  Without diving into arguments against these denouncements, all I will say is that people outside of CrossFit can’t understand how deeply this community reaches.  We love you people, and you are our family!  That goes for our Hyalite CrossFit family, everyone involved at the gyms in the valley listed earlier, CrossFitters across Montana, CrossFitters in the U.S., and CrossFitters worldwide.  You people rock!  Love you bye!


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